Combining digital asset management, materials distribution and order management, Freshscreen is a scalable platform that serves manufacturers, retailers and institutions. Flexibility is the keystone of the application, with admin control to customize content and restrict visibility to tightly defined usergroups. Front end options may include a registration path, such as an extranet site or vertical channel distribution portal, or may be open access for all end users, such as a branding site.

Freshscreen is available by monthly license only. License pricing varies by selected features/functionality only. End user head count and admin seats are unlimited at all license levels.

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Freshscreen is a product of Methodfuel, Inc., a Greensboro, NC-based software development firm, with a 20-year track record of delivering highly customized, thoughtful end-user experiences.


Please contact us to learn more about Freshscreen and to request information on the specific Freshscreen features that may deliver advantages and value to your business, management or communication goals.